We’re Launching an EDMTunes Shop!


Ever wanted to express the music you love without saying it? Well now you can groove to business techno in our latest merch!

EDMTunes is proud to announce the launch of our very own merch store! Beyond dance music coverage, our team has always been trying to find ways to share about the latest dance trends, rave fashion, viral videos, and even memes. Whether it be through our social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, we’re here to promote intriguing conversations and share things worth laughing about. That’s why our store is important to us and we would love to share these ideas and reactions in the form of our merch.

Head on over to shop.edmtunes.com to check out our presale running throughout this week. Some of the featured items include dad hats, graphic tees, LED facemasks, and jackets. Our designs draw upon dance music trends and wordplay in a fashionable manner. For those of you with babies, even they can join in on the fun as we are offering infant gear as well.

While much of the world has been longing to attend a festival, many of the products are perfect for everyday wear to express your passion for the music. RIP festival season but EDM will be back for everyone to enjoy.


While the full product launch is coming soon, we’re doing a very special pre-sale through October 22. You can get up to 50% off pre-sale items and an additional 10% off when you sign up for the full launch!

EDMTunes Shop