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Eric Prydz Announces Release Date for ‘Nopus’

It is finally happening! After days of speculation, Eric Prydz has finally revealed the date of release of his fan favorite ‘Nopus’ ID. It has been aptly titled Nopus. Common to Prydz’ releases, this keeps in trend with the practice of the actual track deriving its name from the ID it is known after. October 23rd is the date to mark on your calendars!

This release signals the official green light of an awaited track that often catered to the Swedish dance music icon’s festival closing duties. A direct competitor to Prydz’ famed ‘Opus’ in the regard, this news would certainly be news to the ears for his fans. It is also significant to note that the release makes it to the shelves under his actual Eric Prydz alias. This rare phenomenon last happened more than 4 years ago for his debut studio album titled, yeah, you guessed it right – Opus, again!

Fans love the track for its more universal appeal on the global stage. Complete with trademark stabs and pads that the classic Prydz’ fan can associate with, the result is seamless. Consequently, it is one of the ideal pre-closing or closing tracks that could leave a mark in tandem with the Pryda boss’ sounds.

Prydz released his techno avatar Cirez D’s Valborg EP earlier in the year. It was preceded by his famed PR(15)DA album that spanned across 3 parts in 2019. The man is notoriously famous to tease new music and then keep the wait going and his fans guessing. The current pandemic scenario with the man blessed with ample studio time has made this a reality after all. A reality that was far-fetched in normal times!

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