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Florida Stadiums Now Allowed To Operate at Full Capacity

It was announced on September 25th that Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, approved of the state entering Phase 3 of reopening. While doing so cautiously, many establishments are opening their doors again for business.

Club Space has announced that they will be opening their doors this weekend which is huge for the dance community, especially in Miami. And now, some stadiums are doing the same, but this time, at full capacity,

This may be a bit alarming for some in other areas of the country. Many venues/stadiums are operating but at very limited capacities. For example, the University of Florida’s football stadium approximately holds 88,000 people. However, the university has approved 20% occupancy during these times (20,000).

To combat the shocked reactions of the public to the full capacity, Florida’s Director of Communications, Fred Piccolo Jr., tweeted that this is all part of Phase 3 and not a special approval from the state officials.

As always, be smart, be conscious of others, and wear a mask!

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