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GRiZ x Jauz Collab on Dubstep Banger ‘No Doubt’

GRiZ x Jauz have teamed up for their latest dubstep banger ‘ No Doubt’. Out on Deadbeats, this single is part of the upcoming GRiZ EP called Bangers [6] .Zip.

Producers GRiZ and Jauz have established distinctive sounds over the years. On one hand, Jauz blessed us with his most recent EP Dangerous Waters delivering five tracks with a unique bass house theme. And on the other, GRiZ released his long-awaited Chasing The Golden Hour Pt3 that embodied a slightly different side of his production while retaining much of its essence.

What started as a joke referencing the Jakes & Joker classic ‘3K Lane‘ ended up as a complete ode to the roots of dubstep. In May, Jauz tweeted about his desire to do old school dubstep. GRiZ was one of the first producers to respond and told him that they should, the rest is history, condensed into this song called ‘No Doubt‘.

GRiZ x Jauz- ‘No Doubt’

The two legends of the dubstep & bass scene opens the track with a slow and relaxed beat. Once this is over, elements arrive that remind us of the 2010 era. The track showcases the signature sounds of GRiZ in earlier years, reminiscent of rap songs from its golden years. At the same time, it is matched with deep sounds and wubs courtesy of Jauz.

The track comes at us with the same mind throttling energy from Bangers [6]. For those familiar, ‘No Doubt’ is reminiscent of some other singles like ‘Brain Fuzz’ and ‘Juicy‘.

‘No Doubt’ is a combination of legendary styles and sounds that make it a massive hit. Jauz also had another surprise for everyone when he revealed it on his social media. If the track reaches 1,000,000 streams in 3 days they will form the supergroup, “JiZ”.

Listen to ‘No Doubt’- GRiZ x Jauz below.

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