Kaskade Releases Remix For 2020’s Favorite Song ‘Dreams’


A smooth, chill dance remix for an old track is something everyone likes to listen to. ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac is the track of the year. Thanks to Tik Tok user Doggface208, the track experienced an ultimate rebirth after what has got to be the most wholesome video of the year. Now, thanks to Kaskade, DJs will be able to play this jewel, as the DJ posted his own remix for ‘Dreams’ today.

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Posted by Kaskade on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kaskade Releases Remix for 2020’s Favorite Track

Doggface, the Tik Toker who brought 'Dreams' back into the spotlight.

This right here is Doggface208, real name Nathan Apodaca. Responsible for saving 2020. My 2020 at least. Through his wholesome, good vibe filled video Apodaca showed us that sometimes there’s nothing to do but go through life, smiling, singing, and drinking juice. Apodaca’s story would go on to become incredibly viral, earning the Tik Toker the love and tons of help from the world. A happy ending, but that’s not the end of it.

Thankis to Apodaca, ‘Dreams’, the track by Fleetwood Mac went viral despite being over 43 years old! This of course, caused more than one artist to decide to give it a go and respin the track into their own style.

‘Dreams’ (Kaskade Remix)

Kaskade’s latest work has driven him more into the deep house/chill side. His Redux and Sun-Soaked work are simply unmatched. Kaskade’s magic and ability to deliver a bassline that will completely take over your soul and mind, and top it off with chords, and magical vocals is shown once again in this amazing remix. As you can read on the FB post below, Kaskade has been playing this remix for a couple of years. Now, it’s available everywhere! Hopefully, we DJs will NOT overplay this one. Thank you, Kaskade, for this wholesome gift. And the best part?! It’s a free download! So go get it now! You can find the download link for Fleetwood Mac’s – Dreams (Kaskade Remix) below! Let us know what you think of this amazing remix!