Maor Levi Releases Double Single ‘One Love / My Eyes’


Out Now on Armind are two new releases from Maor Levi titled ‘ One Love’ and ‘My Eyes‘. Both are progressive tunes with hints of ambient melodies, ideal for a euphoric time listening to this music.

Maor Levi has been one of the most prolific producers and DJs in recent years. Throughout the lockdown period, the Israeli DJ-producer is hosting a series of live sets on Twitch which he calls Quarantronce. At the same time, he shares production tips and some Techno and Trance trivia throughout his channels and social networks.

As for singles, he recently released the long-awaited single ‘Arcadia‘ and now presents us with a double single called ‘One Love / My Eyes’. This is the second EP on Armind by Maor Levi and once again he has done work that exceeded our expectations.

Maor Levi- ‘One Love/ My Eyes’

As part of A State Of Trance Ibiza 2020, ‘One Love’ has the word epic as its banner. An angelic voice sings and it echoes into the background. That voice is Nyla, known for her collaboration with Major LazerLight it Up‘. There are also elements belonging to techno or clubhouse vibe. He created this song especially to take us to the next level of his music.

‘My Eyes’ more clearly shows clear elements of progressive House, a trending sound in 2020. Roel‘s voice gives him a velvety feel that cadenced with Maor Levi’s production. This track strikes you with emotion as it builds. Once it drops, this classic, high energy trance piece takes you to its heavenly end.

Artfully layered atop a heavy foundation of dance-floor beats, both tracks are guaranteed to be a festival favorite once they come back around.

Stream or download Maor Levi Latest singles ‘One Love / My Eyes’ here or check it out below!