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Mathame Remixes ZHU’s New Track ‘Risky Business’

Mathame’s new remix is here! The Italian duo is back with new music, and I’m sure you’ll want to listen to this one. This time, Mathame remixes one of the most mysterious and amazing DJs in the game: ZHU. Today, Mathame delivered an electrifying new remix for ZHU’s latest track ‘Risky Business’.


Mathame looks to take you into a new dimension with this one. Their amazing remix is a whole new vibe delivered into a track which already tells a whole story by itself. Combining ZHU and Mathame had nothing but amazing results, and know I’m just wating for the 3 of them to announce a collab together. An orginal ZHU X Mathame track. Is that too much to ask for? Hopefully not!


Risky Business

For starters, you can enjoy Mathame’s new electrifying remix through an amazing visualizer here. Mathame’s sound is like nothing else I’ve heard before. They create a universe within their songs and are able to transform other’s gospel into an amazing experience. This time, they do it again.

With this remix for ZHU, a club track maintains its essence while transforming into an uplifting and elevating track. Rising through different arpeggios, filled with some of the crazies fillers and mesmerizing sounds I’ve heard in years, Mathame delivers a magnificent track. A huge remix. A perfect spiritual club track.

I can’t wait to see what’ll be next for Mathame. Both throug original releases and through remixes the duo continues establishing its name as a titan inside the industry. Soon to become legends, I can assure they’ll be one of the most sought after duos after we come back to normal. What about you? What do you think of this new Mathame remix? Would you like to see ZHU and Mathame work together on a track?

Stream ZHU – Risky Business (Mathame remix) out now below!

Sebastian Flores Chong
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