Miami Commissioner Proposes Ban on Outdoor Music After 8PM


Commissioner Joe Carollo introduced a proposal to the city commission on Thursday, October 22 that will lead to a Miami ban on outdoor music from 8 PM to 8 AM. Affecting businesses residing by residential property, it was passed by the commission with a 3 – 2 vote.

Commissioners Ken Russell and Keon Hardemon voted against the Miami ban on outdoor music due to concerns over the effect it will have on businesses in their districts. Cities in these districts include Brickell, Coconut Grove, Downtown Miami, and Wynwood.

The new Miami ban on outdoor music to potentially affect outdoor events and nightlife.

The proposal will change current regulations, allowing outdoor music until 11 PM. As reported by the Miami New Times, Carollo feels this current guideline is too lenient, leading to the “torture” of residents looking for some quiet at home. However, Ball & Chain Club Owner, Bill Fuller, views it differently.

Fuller made a statement with the Miami New Times about Carollo’s proposal.

“Not one citizen or business has requested this. This is simply being done in the self-interest of a vengeful commissioner,” Fuller said. “He has no understanding of businesses, a disregard for his community, and, to be honest, he’s just an idiot.”

Fuller says that it’s not a coincidence that Carollo is attempting to limit businesses such as Ball & Chain. He believes Carollo has targeted him and his business since 2017.

For the new regulation to become city law, Carollo’s proposal must pass another commission vote at a meeting on November 17. The new regulation will not just affect the city during the pandemic, but it will become permanent law.

If passed, the ordinance will likely shatter Miami’s nightlife. Most of the city’s outdoor nightclubs are known for holding events way past the 8 PM deadline. Therefore, their future is currently holding on by a thin thread.