Siroch Drops New Groovy, Bass-Heavy House Tune, ‘Oh Baby’


Siroch – Oh Baby

Siroch is making waves, and for good reason. The man is making good music. If you’re into bass-house, you might’ve heard of him. If not, prepare yourselves. Based in Philadelphia, the upcoming DJ/Producer has opened for numerous big names to include: Jauz, Holy Goof, & Deorro. Djing aside, he’s hit some nice production milestones as well. Recently, his track ‘Hold Up received support from Dr. Fresch & is even set to hit the 10k mark on Spotify, any day now. Today, he plans to surpass this feat with his newest track, Oh Baby‘.

‘Oh Babystarts off quick with a down-sweep, and some neat sound design. Soon after we get a clap, followed by a snare build. Before we know it, it’s 00:32, and Siroch has us smack dab in the middle of the first drop. At this point the rest of the drums come in, and its boots & cats all night long… or at least for the next few minutes. I can’t help but get a ‘Feel The Volume‘ vibe from this, if only because the lead synth reminds me of Jauz for some reason. Its great. If you’re into music like this, I think you’ll really like ‘Oh Baby’.

With a run time of 3:40, this track is just the right amount of time to really get us groovin’. If you’re a fan of artists like Habstrakt, and Dr. Fresch, or just into bass-house, then ‘Oh Babyis for you. Siroch‘s new tune, ‘Oh Babyis out now on House Cat Records, and can be streamed below. Enjoy.

Siroch – Oh Baby| STREAM