spiritualeyes Impresses With ‘Ritualize’ Off New GEMINEYE EP


It’s not often that I come across artists of substance these days, but today happens to be one of those days. Long gone are the days where artists stood for something. In today’s world of manufactured superstars, it’s easy to press play, & collect a paycheck. Today, I bring you a DJ and production duo who actually do stand for something, by the name of spiritualeyes. spiritualeyes just released their 5-track GEMINEYE EP, and there’s this ‘Ritualize‘ track that I think you’ll like.

Meet spiritualeyes

Before I get started, it should be known that spiritualeyes is a performance & production duo consisting of  Johnny Spadafore & Evan Morris. The two share a love for all things music delicately intertwining their inspiring story of hope with their unbridled passion for experimental heavy bass music. After fortuitously meeting in Florida in 2018, they immediately became close friends. Connecting and inspiring each other through their challenging pasts with substance abuse and mental health, they decided to begin creating, and thus spiritualeyes was born.

Evan and Johnny drove to Los Angeles in 2019 to pursue their passion for music and share their story with the world. While many of those who are close to them know their story, they seek to share it with those who don’t. From personal experience, they know that many members of the EDM community struggle with issues of mental health, addiction, and other feelings of personal disillusionment, often feeling too alone or afraid to reach out.

Behind The Decks

When asked about spiritualeyes, Johnny shared:

“I remember when I would go to shows with my friends, we were all relying on drugs to have a great time, but I was always different. Everything was always more extreme for me, and my ‘rave’ friends weren’t around the next day when I was dealing with depression and withdrawals. The one thing that will always remain constant is the music, let’s make this about the music again.”

As a lover of music, I could ask for nothing more. Make it about the music. Whether you like bass music or not, it’s refreshing to see up & coming musicians getting back to what really matters. It is plain to see that spiritualeyes has big things planned when it comes to their goal of unifying and helping those within the EDM community.

As Uncle K says, ‘Let The Music Speak’. With that being said, let’s dig into ‘Ritualize‘, and let the music do just that.


Ritualize‘ starts off quick enough with some strings that seem as though they were sampled straight out of the middle east. Soon after we get the drums, & a modulated bass, which leads us to the build that starts at around 0:50. We get the first drop at 1:18, and it’s honestly out of this world.

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things 4/4, describing this drop is a little hard for me to do, as spiritualeyes operates in a space few others occupy. ‘Ritualize’ reminds me a bit of Troyboi at times, in that the track is heavy on the ethnic soundscape. Although, once the drop hits, I can’t help but think I’m at an Ekali show. If you’re into bass music, good vibes, or just want to get loose, then ‘Ritualize’ is for you.

Ritualize’ by spiritualeyes is out now as part of their GEMINEYE EP, and can be streamed below. Enjoy!