New UE Fits True Wireless Earbuds Mold To Your Ear Shape


Earbuds have come a long way since the start. First, they came in hard plastic, which was able to stay inside your ears but with hurtful consequences. The silicone tips came later and, until today, this was one of the most comfortable and reliable ways to keep earbuds inside an ear. The future comes today with these moldable earbuds that shape to be exactly as your ears need.

This new technology is made possible by gel-filled tips. The tips of the earbuds are going through a quick app-guided process in which they harden for life if you know what I mean. The process takes only 60 seconds in total and it is completely safe, a study said. You use the UE Fits app for either Android or iPhone to start the process, which uses “Lightform technology”. LEDs are embedded inside the earbuds and they play the part of starting the shaping process. Once the tips are hardened, they stay that way forever.

The earphones come with also a variety of customizable specs, as multiple colors like gray, lilac purple, and navy. The controls on these babies are also customizable. Ultimate Ears will also include a 30-day ‘perfect fit’ guarantee with every purchase of $249. The buds are sweat-proof and water-resistant and support SBC, AAC, and Apt-X Bluetooth.

What are you waiting for? Go grab yours. They really seem as a perfect gift for oneself or for a loved one. You won’t need to ask for any sizes, they will fit anyone perfectly.