Excision x SLANDER feat. Elle Vee – Your Fault


Excision and SLANDER have finally delivered their long-awaited collaboration ‘Your Fault‘, featuring Elle Vee. It is quite fitting that this monumental track sees its release via Subsidia, Excision’s new label.

‘Your Fault’ tells the story of lost love, detailing the anger and pain that comes with navigating this realization. Elle Vee’s dreamy vocals start softly alongside a slowly building piano rhythm. As she progresses in her narration of these realities, more instrumental elements come into play. When these instruments fade out, the bass finally begins.

Elle Vee makes her point known – I guess you’re too blind to see, it’s your fault. Cue Excision and SLANDER, as the track ascends into the first drop with absolute ferocity and elements that these artists are so well known for. The heavy-hitting bass and melodic back-beats meshing so effortlessly with these piercing, relatable vocals will leave you with the chills.

The Tease

Oh my goodness. Let me start by saying that this release was 100% worth the wait. After premiering this track live at Hijinx Festival in 2019 during their B2B set, fans of Excision and SLANDER straight up lost their minds. Little did fans we that we would not see the official release of ‘Your Fault’ until almost a year later.

SLANDER tweeted a video from this B2B in December 2019, stating that the track was “coming soon.” This was clearly not the case, causing a plethora of fans to take to Twitter and question, how soon?

Seemingly every single month following this Tweet, fans continued to check in on it, and asked for updates. Although the majority of fans were (understandably) eager, others reminded their colleagues that patience is key. In my humble opinion, the wait made it even more epic.

All that matters now is that we were finally gifted this insane track – and I for one, will be listening to this anthem on repeat.

Excision x Slander feat. Elle Vee – Your Fault