Wolfgang Gartner, Kill The Noise – Battlestations


A most interesting collaboration consisting of Wolfgang Gartner and Kill the Noise has appeared. This week, they’re giving us ‘Battlestations‘, a dubstep/electro track that we never knew could exist. Or make us so excited.

Battling the hearts and the minds of their fans, both artists showcase their impeccable production skills together. Each distinctive signature sound of theirs perfectly meshes into an electrifying track. Buckle up for an incredible auditory journey. From the beginning, the electro synths and uplifting melody build up the piece. It then gets stitched together by the robotic vocals, giving us empowering vibes. Filled with bleeps and bloops, the epic drops will make you put the song on repeat. Towards the end, that’s when you’ll know.

Getting tons of frenetic energy, the progression definitely gets you locked and loaded for dance. It shimmers away in the end, and you’re left wanting more. This is a prodigious combination of music and we are here for it. When you want bass in your face, but in a classy fashion, this is the song for you.

Fans have taken it quite well and they’re already asking for a Wolfgang/Feed Me collaboration. It really makes you think back to club nights when it was just pure dubstep and electro dance. The mixing and sound design could not be more immaculate.

They really did go all out for this one. This track follows Gartner’s ‘Electric Soul’ that came out this year. It also follows KTN’s ‘sixtysixty’. While we haven’t seen much from them this year, they blew us out of the water with this.

Take a listen to the track below and let us know how you like it! Watch the official music video here as well.

Wolfgang Gartner, Kill The Noise – Battlestations | Buy/Stream