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Yotto & Cassian release Double Single, ‘Rogue’

Previously, Cassian invited Yotto to remix ‘Imagination‘, and now they come together for a stunning double single collaboration titled ‘Rogue‘. It’s released on Yotto’s Odd One Out imprint, and the songs showcase both artists’ combined talents.

Yotto and Cassian met at an after-party in Denver, and they managed to exchange ideas about doing something together, and from there, the rest is history.

The first song ‘Inter‘ sets a tone with the rumbling resonant bass. Throughout, it’s a slow burner as elements stack eloquently onto each other with melodic breakdowns. It encompasses a percussive sound, with a steady rhythm that builds off the blowhorn.

Yotto and Cassian Rogue

On the other hand, ‘Grains‘ immerses us in a melodic mover with infectious synths and arpeggios. The song is a blissful record with delightful melodies and a masterful atmosphere. It combines both artist’s signature sounds and highlights their impeccable production skills.

A smooth and powerful bass line characterizes both works while the melodies overlap for something spectacular. Undoubtedly, given the year both artists had, we can easily include them among the best producers of 2020.

Listen to Yotto and Cassian collaborate on ‘Rogue’ via Odd One Out below!

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