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Blanc Kickstarter Introduces Daft Punk Face Masks

2020 is almost over, but mask use is still in our foreseeable future. That being said, a Kickstarter project is working on Daft Punk face shields. Yes, you read that right. A company named Blanc has crafted full-face shields that replicate the helmets worn by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. It’s a fascinating project and who wouldn’t want to look like one of dance music’s most iconic duo?

The Magic Is In The Details

It’s an egg-shaped mask with an opaque black strip for the wearer to look through. Keep your identity a secret, or don’t. Strut around town like the star that you are with these. They currently have a picture of them in black and white. But resources say that they will be available in a multitude of colors. That includes red, yellow, green, pink, and blue. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a Power Rangers scenario.

You’ll be turning heads wherever you go for sure. Before you go questioning its crafting integrity, it actually has a substantial amount of protective performance. It contains two interchangeable HEPA filters (SGS certified) and purifies 99.7% of dust particles upon wearing it. Its ergonomic design hugs your face tightly but can be adjusted. In addition, it has hundreds of changeable panels to highlight your own personal style. Still not convinced? Well, the add-ons include voice modulation, climate control, and Bluetooth.

Now For The Price

The Kickstarter needs $20k, but their goal easily surpassed and reached over $200K. Whether you’re a massive fan of the French duo or dare to be different, this is your answer. It keeps you safe, anonymous, stylish, and comfortable. Buckle up for the next wave of COVID-19.

To secure your own, you can put down a $79 deposit. Orders will ship in March, just in time for the new year. Face the world with the only full-face modular mask here.

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