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Lane 8 Closes Out 2020 With ‘Winter 2020 Mixtape’

Lane 8’s seasonal mixtapes have kept us going throughout 2020. Today, he presents his Winter 2020 Mixtape, a compilation of melodic house, chill tracks for your listening pleasure.

Break out your fuzzy socks, hot chocolate mugs, and fireplaces because it’s time to cozy up by the fire with this. His mix features a plethora of artists including Marius Drescher, Ben Bohmer, andhim, Leaving Laurel, and more. You’re getting a multitude of IDs as well with the one at 33:18 being my favorite. It features a deadmau5 progressive synth reminiscent of Prydz as well. A beautiful track, each consecutive song flows fluidly into the next. If anyone can call out the IDs, we’d appreciate it! We’re sure that they’ll get released on the This Never Happened label–they match the tone so well.

Fatum, Tinlicker, Jeremy Olander, Cassian, and Yotto bring the deep side of things out in the mix. Plus, Daniel throws in his own track with Julia Child, ‘Oh Miles‘. Lovely transitions and seasonal bangers captivate the winter mood perfectly in this mix.

Fans have had his music move them for years. Listening to his mixes alleviate stress and pain from emotions or hardships in life. It’s really quite powerful what music can do, specifically Daniel’s. He reached 141.8 million streams and 9.7 million listeners in 92 countries this year!

A Message From The Artist

“To reach so many of you people and have a small impact on your lives means everything to me. I always like to think of you all, not as statistics, but as people, real humans with complicated lives and families and mistakes and loss and triumphs and problems and lonely late night dance parties and pets that you love and favorite meals and long drives with your best friend. People who have said ‘i’m sorry, i fucked up’ and people who have said ‘i forgive you’.

For me and my music to get to be a small part amidst all of that is such an incredible gift and a feeling of connection, a feeling that i’m not alone, that we are more the same than we are different. I have been feeling pretty down lately but seeing your posts reminded me why I do this and how much I have to be thankful for. Appreciate you all and sending you lots of love, Daniel”

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Enjoy the two hour ride with tracklist here and stream the mix below.

Lane 8 Winter 2020 Mixtape

Nina Chiang
Nina Chiang
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