Nora En Pure’s ‘Enchantment’ Reimagines Bach


Nora En Pure is capping off 2020 with one last original release. Titled ‘Enchantment‘, it is a captivatingly beautiful track featuring a lovely orchestra of sound. We see its release on Enormous Tunes and this follows the success of her previous track ‘Come Away‘.

Nora perfectly remixes a classical tune with a modern twist. For music nerds, the name of the original piece is Bach’s ‘Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major’. This piece is stunning and immaculate. Mixed with Nora’s signature deep house flair, the track is definitely enchanting. With that heart-throbbing bass line, intermittent hi-hat, and arpeggiating synths, the cheerful track gets even brighter.

We’re finally seeing dance music amalgamate with classical in this hybrid creation. Yet another masterpiece for the Queen of Deep House. She really took advantage of this year to quell any lockdown restlessness into masterpieces. What’s more, is electronic waltzes! Her repertoire flourishes with tons of enlightening singles like this.

We’ve been blessed with the South African-Swiss artist for over a decade. Each time she plays, she brings balance and peace to us through her multifaceted compositions. Her melodies come from organic sounds that still enhance the theme of the track.

She received the IDMA Award for Best House Artist (Female) earlier this year. Well deserved, indeed as she consistently receives worldwide recognition. Ranked at #73 on DJ Mag’s Top 100, she also ranked #10 in the Alternative Top 100. As that is her highest entry yet, we congratulate her. Helvetic Nerds can be proud of their leader at the helm and forefront of electronic dance music. We truly wait with anticipation for what she brings us next year.

Listen to her newest and last single for 2020 below.

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