Thomas Gold Releases the First Edition of Fanfare Club Beats


While we all patiently await the end of the treacherous year, one producer has stayed extremely busy and used his time during this pandemic very wisely. Legendary DJ and producer, Thomas Gold, has just released his first ever edition of Fanfare Club Beats on his label, Fanfare Records.

Fanfare Club Beats features 12 banging club tracks including Thomas Gold’s very own track called “On The Floor” as well as 11 other tracks by the talented artists on his impressive roster of Fanfare Records. The tracks range from a various variety of sounds so you’ll have to listen through the album to choose your favorite. Here’s your excuse to bang out in our living until we can all meet once again on the dancefloor.

Adding on to the list of things keeping Thomas Gold active is his project. This new initiative is your chance to learn how to produce professional tracks to kickstart your career as a producer. If you didn’t know yet, is a forum community where you can share your tracks for professional review from successful artists such as Thomas Gold himself. You can click here to learn more about the new platform.

Make sure to take a listen to Thomas Gold’s Fanfare Club Beats below.