AVIRA feat Grace Ackerman- Run To You


AVIRA, one of the most prolific artists in the industry presents his first single of 2021 called ‘Run To You‘. He releases it on Armada Music alongside the vocalist Grace Ackerman. AVIRA is the exciting progressive project of Youhanna Assaf.

AVIRA concluded 2020 with his heartbreaking but hopeful single, ‘Miracles‘. The producer starts off 2021 in an epic way with a vocal single that highlights his signature sound.

In this track, we can find progressive techno touches that are commonly found in his other works but come with an interesting twist. He uses ambient and future garage elements to bring us on a complete journey through all these melodies and chords.

Of course, Grace Ackerman’s participation in the song adds much more to the progressive journey that AVIRA brings us on. Her powerful and heartbreaking voice comprises the most notorious part of the song. The melodies only further enhance that feeling of desperation to be with our loved ones forever.

With this single, I can tell you, AVIRA is one of the artists to keep an eye on this year. Make sure to stay tuned to his social networks for more information about upcoming releases and remixes. You can listen to AVIRA feat Grace Ackerman- ‘Run To You’ below.