Coronavirus Screening at Music Festival Reports Zero Infections


Two weeks ago, Barcelona hosted an indoor music festival to test the effectiveness of same-day coronavirus screening. Organizers recently reported that there was zero transmission inside the venue during the event.

1,000 volunteers took part in the study to help determine the effectiveness of the screening. All participants were required to pass an antigen test on-site. 500 people were chosen to attend the event while the other 500 were sent home and used as a control group.

All participants were called to test again eight days after the event took place. 463 of the participants at the event were tested and results showed that there were zero infections. 496 people of the control group also complied with the testing, but two positive cases were found.

Once the coronavirus screening was complete, festival-goers were required to wear masks inside the concert. However, dancing, gathering, and singing were allowed.

Barcelona’s The Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation organized the event along with Primavera Sound music festival. The results from this study can potentially lead to the triumphant return of concerts and festivals in Spain.

Festival-goers party at Barcelona concert study testing effectiveness of same-day coronavirus screening.

Source: Click Orlando