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Diplo Drops Two New Photay & Kölsch Remixes for ‘XII’

Diplo is a man of many talents, quite literally. In the past, we’ve seen him dabble in various genres, ranging from dancehall, to trap, pop, and even house music. Back in August, we shared with you news of an upcoming Diplo project, tackling the ‘Ambient‘ movement. In September, we shared the project itself, titled MMXX – all 12 tracks of it. Today, we bring to you two new remixes of the track titled ‘XII‘ off of MMXX. The remixes, in particular, are by Photay, & Kölsch, respectively, and I think you’re going to love them.

If you’ve had a chance to check out Diplo’s original 12-track album, MMXX, you’d know that Photay & Kölsch were faced with quite the challenge. It’s ambient music after all. After having listened to both of the XII remixes, as well as the original, I’m rather impressed with the outcome. Photay’s remix is a bit on the deep, tribal side. Kölsch’s on the other hand, is more of a deep, techy-progressive vibe. Like something I’d expect from Camlephat, or maybe even Rüfüs Du Sol. Regardless of what you’re into, I think you should check ’em both out. It’s neat to see producers put their spins on original tracks like this.

With a combined runtime of 7 minutes 35 seconds, these two remixes should be more than enough to get you grooving. If you’re in need of a little more, feel free to check out the original. In doing so, you can see the magic both Photay & Kölsch sprinkled into their productions. The Photay & Kölsch remixes of Diplo’s ‘XII’ are out now on Higher Ground, and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

Diplo – XII [Remixes] | STREAM

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