Edmtrain x EDMTunes Helps You Find EDM Events in Your City


We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of the EDMTunes x Edmtrain collaboration! If you’re looking for an accurate list of nightlife festivities in your area, look no further. Starting January 25, 2021, you can now see a full listing of all events, raves, festivals, and nightlife in your area. We are combining forces with Edmtrain to become the best source for dance music news and events.

Under our Events page, you can now view the full listing of EDM and Dance related events. Below the listing, you can still see our full coverage of major events and happenings in the dance music scene. This combined information will keep you the most informed and up-to-date raver out there. You can use the filters at the top of the listing to sort shows by location and to include (or remove) Festivals and Live Streams.

edm events

Furthermore, you’ll notice that each article page on our site also features all “Upcoming Shows” in your area. This list will also show all events in your area, while you are digesting recent news in the dance music world.

upcoming shows

Coupled with the event listing, Edmtrain news will feature a full listing of news articles powered by EDMTunes. While looking up your next rave or club show on Edmtrain, its now easy to refer to the “News” tab to see what EDMTunes is reporting on. Ravers can also check out EDM news and updates while using the Edmtrain app. Be sure to download the app and check out all the new features!