Porter Robinson Announces Next Nurture Single


It’s been a chaotic start to 2021, but there’s some amazing news from Porter Robinson. In a recent tweet, he announced the release date for the next single from his Nurture album.

Porter Robinson announces official release date of Nurture.

“Look at the Sky” has been eagerly awaited since Porter first played it during the Second Sky live stream many months ago. This will be his first single release of 2021. If you use Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, you can pre-save the track to the playlist of your choosing. Simply click here, and fill out the form. You can select which playlist you’d like to add it to, so you won’t miss out when it’s officially released on January 27.

Porter completed Nurture mid-December, and we’ll probably have a few more singles between now and the ultimate release date in a few months.