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Tale of Us And Afterlife Present Unity Pt. 2

Tale of Us – Unity Pt. 2

Tale Of Us and several Afterlife artists present Unity Pt. 2 compilation. A series of 25 exclusive tunes that continue to spread some optimistic messages in these difficult times.

Over the last few months, I have realized a very important issue today: music is capable of keeping us alive. It continually gives us reasons to continue fighting against all our problems, whether external or internal. The music, fortunately, knows this mission. Many labels have been in charge of sending a message of optimism in the midst of all the bad news.

Of course, that role does not compare with what they play in normal times, by giving more material to connect with each other on the dance floor. Even so, the music still has the incredible power to heal and maintain hope in crisis. One of those places that took that mission very seriously is the Tale Of Us Afterlife label.

Tale Of Us curated and released in April 2020 the first series of a compilation Unity with exclusive songs. Now he returns with Unity Pt. 2, demonstrating through the various artists found in various parts of the world, that music makes us one.

Music has always had that enormous power to unite us all under the same feeling, whatever language we speak. There is no more fitting title for this compilation than Unity, presenting the union of both established Afterlife and emerging artists.

The Music in Afterlife

Afterlife Unity Part 2

Unity pt. 2 is an analogy to that union that we all have as human beings even if we do not have the same ideology or language, and we must demonstrate more than ever at this time. Through the 25 songs they show us that unity is strength by helping other humans and giving a voice to those who have always been underrepresented.

We see that similarity with real life in the genres covered, from hard-hitting techno to the most melodic songs that we can find in Afterlife. Also, the royalties obtained from this album will be used for donations for medical entities in areas affected by COVID-19. Specifically, Lombardy Italy.

An example of this union is Mind Against with ‘Isolate’ deep sounds that make you feel alone while you are surrounded with melodic vibes. Colyn makes an appearance with a track more minimal than usual called ‘Signs Of Change’. While Anna Caragnano teams up with Ae:ther for ‘Volador, a track that combines perfectly vocals with textured atmospherics.

The hard times are unfortunately not over yet, and it is becoming difficult for us to be under social isolation. Although we have our yearning to move forward and overcome this obstacle intact. Someone once said that even in deep darkness there can be light if we look for it. This compilation seems to be that light of hope. Overall for people who find music a refuge to overcome those moments when it seems that we lost everything.

Tale of Us – Unity Pt. 2

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