Tomorrowland Helped Design a Roller Coaster in Belgium


It seems that Tomorrowland fans will have the chance to experience the wonderful festival in more ways than one. There will be a special rollercoaster ride dedicated to the well-renowned event with plans to open this summer in Europe.

Plopsaland De Panne, a theme park in Belgium, will welcome guests with The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland. It will be the first Extreme Spinning Coaster in Europe. The ride is expected to have a wide variety of features that will blow the minds of rollercoaster lovers. It is expected to go at least 56 miles per hour with 2 launches, rotating carriages, and 5 inversions.

Tomorrowland rollercoaster flyer

The amusement park has released the plans for the roller coaster and guests will certainly be entranced by the world of Tomorrowland. Fans will have to wait no longer to indulge themselves in the beauty of the festival. Moreover, guests can continuously relive the incredible adventure that awaits them this summer.

You can view the official plans for the rollercoaster below.

Tomorrowland rollercoaster plans #1
Tomorrowland rollercoaster plans #2
Tomorrowland rollercoaster plans #3