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Coachella Sends Official Cancelation Emails

A Reddit thread this week showed a screenshot of an official email from Elevate Tickets stating that due to Riverside County regulations, Coachella would not take place this April.

The other thing that stood out for many Redditors and probably other pass-holders is, “Thank you for holding onto your passes, your loyalty has not gone unnoticed.” Which begs the question, what would that noticing be? Would discounts be given, would there be an upgrade for certain pass-holders, or does this just mean some free merch next year when the festival does take place?

Given that Coachella would take place while things are still getting settled after one of the worst peaks of COVID in California, perhaps it’s far better to wait for another year. Restaurants are just now again able to open outdoor dining but the rate at which vaccines are being distributed and the ICU overhead still in the red and travel a necessary part to get to Coachella specifically air travel for out of state participants, waiting is the best choice.

One must think that perhaps this festival would go forward later in the year if the date had been moved. Given the old adage, “better to be safe than sorry,” I can imagine Coachella is trying to make sure that when things do kick off next year, they’ll be able to do it to the fullest extent they want.

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