Ibiza Bars and Restaurants Will Reopen Outdoor Areas in March


Like many other parts of the world, Ibiza is slowly – but surely – returning to normal. In fact, the Spanish island is planning to reopen bars and restaurants next month. However, only outdoor areas will be opened on March 2nd. The indoor areas will open on March 16th, if the establishment has a CO2 meter installed and COVID-19 cases continue to trend downward.

Those measures are part of the de-escalation plan of the Balearic government, published by the news outlet The Olive Press on February 18th. After months of lockdown in Ibiza, you would think businesses received this news with relief – but not that much. The Confederation of Business Associations in the Balearics declared that the de-escalation timeline is “unsatisfactory”. The reason behind this claim is that only 20% of bars and restaurants in Mallorca have outdoor areas.

Nonetheless, having people back in bars will certainly have benefits for the economy. As a matter of fact, tourism represents more than 80% of the economy in Ibiza and nightclubs are a big part of it.

No guarantee

This schedule is only viable if COVID-19 cases continue to go down. Reports from the Majorca Daily Bulletin stated that the Balearic islands currently sit at a high-risk level. For the next 14 days, Ibiza will remain at this level, as it is at an even higher level (extreme).

In October 2020, a 1,000 person event was hosted close to the world-renowned island. The event, as part of a trial run for COVID-19 rapid testing, took place in Barcelona. Despite all that, Phase 3 reopening protocols prevented bars and nightclubs in Ibiza from operating until then.