Ibiza Rocks Announces Its Opening for the 2021 Summer Season


Ibiza Rocks announced it will open in 2021, and some optimism is starting to flow regarding the clubbing season in Ibiza this summer. After a tough year for the clubbing industry, clubs are starting to plan events for this summer.

The news follows the UK government’s removal of all restrictions by July, allowing large events this summer season. One of the most popular venues of the white island, which offers a hotel, bar, and outdoor club, took the first step to organize an agenda for the next summer season.

Besides, Ibiza Rocks shared a statement on its website saying that the vaccination programs in Ibiza and the UK as well as the British Prime Minister’s recent roadmap to ‘normality’ meant that “summer 2021 is on!”. Although the situation could change, at the moment, Ibiza Rocks launched its events calendar. It includes poolside sessions locked in from May through to September 26.

Ibiza Rocks

Although the venue did not announce special guests yet, it is a huge step forward for Ibiza. The tourism and the clubbing industry are essential to the island. Besides, the situation is not definitive yet, as governments are also planning to implement vaccine passports. If the spread of COVID keeps going down, the chances of having a summer season with clubs and events will grow exponentially.

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