Monstercat Acquires Silk Music To Launch ‘Monstercat Silk’, And Release Debut Track By Shingo Nakamura


Monstercat has already placed itself at the forefront of electronic music a long time ago. Nonetheless, the prestigious label continues to build and improve, always keeping us on our toes. At the present moment, they announced their acquisition of Silk Music to form Monstercat Silk, bringing house, deep house, trance, chillout, and more, which will exist alongside Uncaged and Instinct. This move is a monumental one, allowing Monstercat to bring even more genres to the table. Notably, the initial separation into Uncaged and Instinct provided a direct distinction of direction for releases, granting each entity a focus of its own to share more music, while simultaneously giving each artist their fair share of the spotlight. With that in mind, the acquisition of Silk Music makes perfect sense, and we’re excited to hear the output.

“I committed early on to supporting all forms of electronic music and the addition of Silk brings us one step closer to achieving that dream. It fits perfectly alongside the likes of Uncaged and Instinct.”

Mike Darlington (Monstercat co-founder & CEO) – press release

Monstercat Silk Releases Label’s Debut Track

Luckily, the announcement came in tandem with the label’s debut release from Shingo Nakamura, ‘Glow‘. The name will be familiar to the Silk Music community considering the artist is a mainstay. Furthermore, fans can look forward to more music coming up by the likes of Kaskade, Vintage & Morelli, A.M.R, Arielle Maren, and PROFF.

‘Glow’ echoes the statement made by Silk Music which is “Emotions Into Sound.” First of all, the ardent plucks take us off into a relaxed and comfortable state. Progressing, it layers on shimmering, crystal, and soft elements, combining influences from many genres. Lastly, that pace is maintained delivering a direct example of what the label can provide.

Listen to Shingo Nakamura deliver ‘Glow’ via Monstercat Silk below!