Wooli Makes Stellar Return To Ophelia Records With New Track ‘The Core’


Brand new fire from Wooli! The American dubstep heavyweight producer is back with a brand new record that will make you go crazy. Wooli returns to Seven Lions‘ label ‘Ophelia Records’ and is ready to burn everything down. Wooli’s latest track is titled ‘The Core’.


This sh*t goes hard as f*ck. There’s no better sentence to define it. It’s been a while since I last wrote an article about a dubstep track, but I just had to jump in on this one. Wooli delivers one of the nastiest belters I’ve heard in a while. This track is just savage. Completely out of this world. Moshpit and wall of death material. Amazing. After a strange yet beautiful choral intro, we’re dropped right into action. An intro straight out of a heavy psytrance banger is joined by an ascending set of chords. Then, a crazy hard-hitting. The lead comes in. This is already a hard banger, and we’re not even at the breakdown.

But then, the track drops.

Wooli: Dubstep Master

God Damn. This is just hard. Raw. Screechy. Tough. I am out of words to describe just how hard of a banger this new track is. Wooli is a dubstep master, and he continues to deliver track after track. Certainly an amazing belter. However, there’s more to love from this track. I am really glad this kind of dubstep is once again in Ophelia. I mean, the melodic bass is good. Really good. But Ophelia has given us some of my favorite hard-hitting dubstep records. Now, that sound is back. I can’t wait to listen to ‘The Core’ live. You’ll certainly catch me on the pit. This song was made to break necks through the beautiful process of headbanging, and hopefully, we won’t have to wait that much longer to see it live

Stream Wooli – The Core out now below!