Eric Prydz Holosphere Shows Pushed to 2022


It’s now official that Eric Prydz’ most ambitious and crowd-pleasing offering will not be taking place in 2021. Holosphere was supposed to have two installments in the form of Creamfields and Tomorrowland in 2020. Obviously those festivals both had to push to 2021, and then Tomorrowland had to delay to late Summer. We previously reported that Holosphere had been removed from Creamfields, but the news gets worse.

Tomorrowland recently announced that they would be moving to the same dates as Creamfields for 2021. The rumor mill had already started circulating about the fate of one of the shows after these developments. The set-up includes humungous digital screens that exceed the size of a jumbo jet and multiple laser beams. The only occurrence of the show in 2019 required Tomorrowland re-structure their grounds in order to house the same. Even such, the Freedom Stage collapsed when the structure was re-attached for Weekend 2.

These average dimensions made it clear that the show could not on the same dates at two different places. While we originally thought Tomorrowland would still host the show, it appears the festivals have come to an agreement to be fair to each other. Eric Prydz’ spectacular showcase will have to wait another year.