Google Launches Electronic Music Virtual Exhibition


Google has managed to launch a new virtual exhibition called Music, Makers, and Machines. It will teach music fans, artists, and curious people many interesting things about the industry.

Besides, exhibitions about music are getting more and more popular recently. Now, Google and YouTube teamed up with key labels, foundations, clubs, and events like XL Recordings and Kompakt. In addition to that, venues, festivals, and organizations like Music Instruments, ADE, Barbican Centre, Black Cultural Archives and Sydney Opera House also are involved. These amazing participants brainstormed together to provide YouTube prepared videos, interactive explanations, demos of synths, photo archives, and historical records for the exhibit.

Google exhibition

The COVID crisis forced Google to change its schedule of releases. Despite the setbacks, they kept working on many projects like this one. Google’s technology brings augmented reality features. It allows the platform to showcase some classic synths and drum machines placed in the real world using your device’s camera. This is definitely an interesting experience for music lovers.

This wonderful virtual exhibition gathered over 13,000 video and photo assets to explore. On top of that, attendees will be able to enjoy 3D scans of 22 synthesizers so you can explore them in more detail. For those who enjoy the art of production, it also includes 360º tours of iconic studios and exhibitions.

Additionally, Google’s music exhibition also deals with other themes like ‘Electronic music is Black music’. You can also find ‘Turning the Tables: How electronic music has influenced other music genres’, ‘Queer pioneers: Exploring the role of LGBTQ ravers in the history of electronic dance music’ and ‘The iconic machines: Sound production, man-machine interaction, and forgotten instruments’.

Google exhibition

On top of that, the whole exhibition is free. Make sure to visit their website and explore this amazing project by Google and Youtube.