Lane 8 Speaks Against NFT Trend, Gareth Emery Responds


Amongst the NFT news with 3LAU (link my article) and other artists, Lane 8 is not having it. That’s right, in his tweet last Thursday he suggests that it’s not a true marketing tactic to his fans. 

The amount of responses he received were overwhelming on both ends of his opinion. Rufus du Sol mentioned that the two worlds aren’t mutually exclusive. Music is available for release in whatever way is normal to the artist. 

To which he responded with the following below. 

Dave Dresden appeared at his side, while Darude responded to Daniel asking if he is going to look at him differently now that he is also considering getting into NFTs. 

It’s difficult to say what is the right answer but the majority feel that artists should earn money however means they can. Fans have explained it’s not a big deal, even other artists that claim that their music isn’t solely exclusive to them. Meanwhile, fans on the other side support Daniel in his opinion. There is Bandcamp, iTunes, Beatport, YouTube, and other platforms to release music on–this is Dan’s idea of the NFT trade. What do you guys think? 

Gareth Emery responded with the following response and I think gives insight on both worlds. I think he makes a great devils’ advocate.

It’s certainly been a tumultuous time for the live events industry. We see the anticipation of fall events this year, and artists have had to get creative with their income. NFTs could just be where the technology market is headed now. How do you keep up with trends while trying to still be your own unique identifier? I do think it’s up to the artist on how they sell their brand. No harm, no foul.

Hopefully, the remainder of this year sees the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel.