Nora En Pure Debuts Label Compilation ‘Purified Selections’


Nora En Pure is here with one of her biggest debuts to date! Through her very own label, Nora En Pure brings to us a brand new Purified compilation! Gathering the very best of the up-and-coming talent, Nora En Pure is ready to show what’s the best EDM has for you! Titled ‘Purified Selections’, this hand-picked compilation by Nora En Pure herself is guaranteed to blow your mind. Through 11 amazing tracks, we enter a journey designed to clear your mind and submerge you into the deeps of this new voyage. This is, Purified Selections.

Nora En Pur

Nora En Pure takes you on a trip. Diving into an amazing exploration across the Purified spectrum, this is something brand new. Purified Records presents the very first edition, and hopefully not the last, of the Purified Selections. Its objective? Shining a light on a new wave of up-and-coming talent.

Purified Selection: House Gospel

I have to admit, I wasn’t too familiar with Nora En Pure’s label before this. However, after listening to this compilation, there’s nothing to do but love it. Certainly, a masterpiece. Banger after banger. So ominous. So perfect. A certified selection of the highest quality. However, I am not ready to decide which tracks are my favorite. That will take a couple more listens. However, I’m sure every house fan will manage to find one new song they’ll fall in love with. That’s how good this album is.

According to the label themselves:

“Established in late 2019, Nora En Pure’sPurified Records rapidly became a go-to for electronic music lovers all over the globe. Releasing music across deep, melodic, and tech house soundscapes, PurifiedRecords captures the spirit of the dance floor, with productions that leave a lasting impression on the listener.”

As true a statement as I’ve heard. The dancefloor becomes a whole new different universe. You travel inside a galaxy filled with sounds. Magic. Hope. Emotions. Love. Certainly, you can’t miss this chance. You need to experience this, and purify yourself, with the Purified Selection. This is a new chapter inside house music.

Stream Nora En Pure and Purified Records Latest Compilation Purified Selections out now below!