Summer Holidays Abroad Considered ‘Unlikely’ for UK Residents


Foreign holidays are unlikely to be legal until August 2021 for the Brits. According to senior figures in the government, Israel is one of the few places they might be able to travel to easily this summer. Even when the restrictions are eventually lifted, chances of travel will only be toward visits to countries with high vaccination rates and no virus mutations. As a matter of fact, officials warned the public to not be too optimistic. The government’s review of foreign holidays should not lead to an early lifting of the ban on leisure travel abroad. The situation will clarify on April 12 with the release of a new report.

Like many other countries, the UK has to deal with another wave of COVID-19 infections. The government’s roadmap of lockdown suggested May 17 as the earliest possible date people would be able to take foreign holidays. However, with the struggles regarding the vaccines and the resurgence of cases, this objective is clearly not attainable. The government also made plans to discourage people from traveling. In fact, those who attempt to leave England to go on holiday will be fined £5,000 under new laws.

The scientific community cautioned that tougher borders might be the trade-off for loosening the lockdown. Nevertheless, Heathrow Airport wants to salvage the situation by pushing a ‘traffic light’ plan for defending against countries with COVID-19 variants. The plan aims to put an ‘amber alert’ on specific destinations. Travelers would have to face three days of quarantine and a tailored testing regime for those destinations.

Despite all this, Brits will have the opportunity to enjoy live music again this summer. Stay tuned for more news on the topic.