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ZHU’s Latest Track ‘Sky Is Crying’ Is Finally Here

ZHU is definitely on another level. That’s all I can say. I have no more words to praise such a genius. He’s definitely achieved the legend status by now. Everything ZHU touches becomes instant gold. Fashion, music, visual art. You name it. This man has countless tricks up his sleeve. Now, with his latest track, titled ‘Sky Is Crying’, ZHU adds one more jewel into his repertoire.

Teaming up with Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna, ZHU has once again nailed it. This is a mellow, chill, dark house track that numbs each and every one of your senses. It is pure magic from one of the top DJs in the game right now. As if Yuna’s vocals weren’t enough, the DJ adds his very own signature hooks into the track to give it that heavenly vibe we all love. As we approach the release of ZHU’s newest album, we can definitely say expectations are high. And how could they not be? ZHU had a monster year in 2020 and is ready to do it again in 2021. We also have a full-length album to look forward to, dropping 4/30/2021.

Sky Is Crying

With the release of ‘Sky Is Crying’, ZHU takes us through one of his signature tracks. However, while the sounds might be recognizable, this does not mean this is a predictable song. Au contraire. A unique masterpiece by the American DJ shows that he can make his repertoire sound as unique as it gets, without ever getting boring or repetitive.

I can’t wait to follow ZHU’s amazing journey in 2021. Hopefully, we’ll get to be a part of it. As we begin our return to normal life, I can definitely tell you ZHU is one of the artists I’m excited to see. If you haven’t seen ZHU perform live, you’re missing out on a great show!

Stream ZHU’s latest track feat Yuna ‘Sky Is Crying’ out now everywhere!

Sebastian Flores Chong
Mexican DJ/Producer. Lived in Germany and Mexico. I'm all about House. "Never cared about trends. God knows I’m on my own path." -Tchami
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