Alessandro Martire – Breath (Mathame Remix)


Italian melodic house duo, Mathame, just remixed Alessandro Martire’s classical piano piece ‘Breath‘ into an electronic masterpiece. The original track soothes your heart with touching piano chords and melodies. It’s light and gentle, but when put through the electronica filter, it becomes much more powerful.

Martire is an Italian composer that has a deep relationship with the piano. You can hear this in this track. Secondly, the melodious pianist exudes natural power in his music. It connects people across worlds, and now brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli are here to do the same. Their music video runs through the power of ocean waves. Getting caught underneath a rolling tide is no joke. And their rendition perfectly captivates that overwhelming feeling of emotion. What’s more, is their unique sound transforms the original piano chords into a melodic and progressive piece that moves you on a spiritual level. Definitely a sound that fits with Lane 8’s label.

Now, we don’t have much on Mathame but their EPs have been on Oddity and Afterlife. Given what they’ve shown us in this remix, we can tell this is a duo we want to keep following. They even hypnotically remixed Risky Business by Zhu and appeared at Monument Sloboda by TIME:CODE. They played on a monument in Serbia and turned the crowd upside down with their melodic house set. When they start, they get down and dirty in the deep house bass and transition through the most eclectic collections of sound.

It’s really great to see that classical music can melt into the electronic dance music scene through osmosis. It takes talented artists to transcribe notes into something more while still retaining the original’s essence. I’ve seen this done in trance and I’m glad to see this in melodic house.

Listen to their remix below to find out what it’s all about.

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