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Don Diablo’s NFT Auctioned Off a Massive $1.2 Million

As some of you may have read last week, Don Diablo made history by selling the first-ever NFT full-length concert. Well, now that we know the price, we can all agree that the event was a success. As a matter of fact, the NFT, titled Destination Hexagonia, sold for a whopping $1.2 Million. The auction went down last Friday, April 9th, on the digital art site SuperRare. Destination Hexagonia sold out in approximately four minutes.

The NFT was created exclusively for the auction and filmed for over a year with the collaboration of videographer Paul Snijder. With green screen FX and 3D rendered characters and sets, the concert blends Don’s passion for music and sci-fi. “I always had that one dream in my head to one day combine all of these things that are haunting around my head“, he explained.

Moreover, the NFT was sold as a one-of-one on the platform. It will be delivered to the auction winner via a unique USB stick, which contains the video file. Don Diablo’s team will give a large portion of the profits from the sale of Destination Hexagonia to the HEXAGON Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to help other artists break into the NFT space.

Finally, Don Diablo has plans for the future, as the man can’t stop innovating. “What’s next? I’ve got some incredibly exciting collaborations lined up and I can not wait to share it with the world very soon“, he said.

“This is just the beginning.”

Don Diablo

You can watch the preview video of the NFT below.

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