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Pendulum Continues Their Comeback And Teases MORE New Music

Pendulum is making their comeback this year teasing a new single on their socials over the weekend. A 15-second teaser video showed a spinning mandala with the words “Militat omnis amans. Amantium amoris integratio est.” This roughly translates into “All who love fight. Lovers’ quarrels are the renewal of love”. Stayed tuned for this Friday, April 15th.

In a Reddit post last year, they mentioned that the artwork in the video came from Rob Swire. The Australian trio then released ‘Nothing For Free‘ and ‘Driver‘. Now, we’re finally getting to see another release (or two?) come to fruition. It’s been a long time coming for the drum and bass group to crank out new music for us. Last year, they delivered a magnificent liquid dnb track with Hybrid MindsLouder Than Words‘. They debuted that track at Spitbank Fort 2020, where they performed an outstanding set in a beautiful arena. Rob’s singing gets everyone in the mood and reminds us what we love about this genre. Together with the Hybrid Minds soundscape, the beauty of the drum and bass scene couldn’t be more reiterated. Now, if only we could get this track to release too!

We don’t know what the teaser is meant for. Is it meant for a new song or a new album? Whatever it is, fans are eager and ready for it. Rob, Gareth, and Paul certainly know what they’re doing as their music brings memories of all the good moments in our lives. Dnb can get aggressive and monotonous at times, but the three do a good job of keeping things fresh, meaningful, and inspirational. Their melodies and vocals bring us light in our darkest tunnels.

To remind yourselves of what Pendulum is all about, watch their performance from Spitbank Fort below. Stay tuned for their new track this Friday.
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