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ZHU’s Newest Album, ‘Dreamland’ Is Here And We Are In Total Awe

We’ve been locked for more than a year. For American DJ/Producer ZHU that means one thing: getting ready for the comeback. ZHU’s latest album Dreamland is finally here. Most of this third album was produced during the quarantine. The mindset? Returning to the lost energy. The raves. The sweaty crowds. All the energy. ZHU’s newest album is here, and we couldn’t be happier. Dreamland was released through Astralwerks.

That rowdy energy. Those mysterious vocals. The groove. And a series of unique, hypnotizing drops all take over ZHU’s latest album. I’ve always said ZHU’s sounds are really similar. However, that doesn’t mean they’re excellent. ZHU has an essence. A pretty unique one. One that can’t be imitated. And he knows it. There’s a number of collaborators in the album. However, they become something different once they enter this experience. They completely surrender to ZHU’s idea. He brings them closer to the club. This is not the type of album you listen to at a club or a festival. This is the type of album you listen to inside a warehouse. From 12 until the morning. A masterclass on what a rave is about.


  1. Lost It
  2. Distant Lights
  3. Blue Dream
  4. How Does It Feel (feat. Channel Tres)
  5. Sky Is Crying (feat. Yuna)
  6. Sweet Like Honey
  7. Yours (feat. Arctic Lake)
  8. SOCO
  9. ONLY (feat. Tinashe)
  10. Zhudio54
  11. Good4U (feat. Kota the Friend)
  12. I Need That

As previously said, you can find some pretty famous act right there. And ZHU has managed to perfectly put them all together in one place. About his third album, ZHU declared:

“I don’t believe that music, dancing, the freedom of expression will be suppressed for much longer. They can’t—that’s against human nature.

ZHU Delivers Right On Time

Well, the day has finally come. We just had our first festival. Next up: some proper raving. And you can be sure you’ll find ZHU right on the dancefloor, delivering some of the very best. It’s been said that this album is much more than just another album, is a part of ZHU’s history. And regarding that matter, ZHU makes a comment on how his whole career started, and how it all shaped to what he’s become today.

“That’s the first time I saw someone have so much control over an environment,” he remembers. “I was shocked that it was possible for one person playing records to command so much energy. It blew my mind. The lights, the music, the volume, the dancing. Electronic music is an experiential thing. You can’t tell the whole story just by listening to the record—it’s a unique part of this culture.”

We agree. Electronic music is not only a record. It is part of a whole experience. But don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead. Lay down in your bed, put on your headphones, and press play on ZHU’s latest album. After that, you’ll beg to experience this on a much bigger scale. And I mean, with ZHU’s Red Rocks performance coming, we’re sure this will be the biggest dark dance music album of the year. There’s just no other possible outcome. I tip my hat to the one and only ZHU. He’s done it once again.

Zhu – DREAMLAND 2021

Sebastian Flores Chong
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