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Armin van Buuren ft. Avalan – ‘Should I Wait’ (Rising Star Remix)

Armin van Buuren is continuing his onslaught of music releases this year and now we’re getting a Rising Star remix of ‘Should I Wait‘. This is his own 2020 original track with Avalan on Armada Music and he takes the remix to uplifting heights. From the original acoustic piano version, it is a beautiful emotive anthem featuring the vocals of Avalan. Now, join in on the trance king’s journey.

Uplift, Here We Come

It starts off softly like the original piece. The piano chords define the melody and accompany the vocals smoothly and perfectly. As you listen to the words being sung, your heart begins to melt and feel the emotion. It’s emotional but as soon as the second verse hits, so do the synths and the bass. It builds up with that signature trance progression and after moments of tension, it drops into the melodic trance that we live for during live events. The synths sing and rejoice while playing the melody further. Beautiful and full of empowerment, Avalan sings on but now backed by the thumping bass line and after a couple more drops, it’s like ascending into the gates of trance heaven. It nestles at 138bpm and the rush of string patterns, harmonies, and rich atmosphere flood you.

This remix is being well-received by the public for its uplifting power and it really shows. Armin is taking over with music from all corners of the industry. He never ceases to provide energy and we can’t wait to have him play this live. As we wait patiently for trance events to come back, we’ll make sure to be there for this. This track has been played several times this month, moreso over this weekend. First, he played it on ASOT 2021 earlier this month. Then he played it on ASOT 1017 with Ruben de Ronde & Woody van Eyden.

Listen to both editions below.

Armin van Buuren & Avalan – Should I Wait (Armin van Buuren presents Rising Star Remix) | Buy/Stream
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