Morgin Madison Takes Us On A Passionate Journey Through His Debut Album, Living The Phantasm


From the moment Morgin Madison stepped into the mau5trap limelight, he’s shone brightly, being an important artist to keep an ear out for. Now that his debut album is out, titled Living The Phantasm, the artist solidified his incredible talent. He takes on an inspiring journey that showcases not only versatility, but a pure passion for his medium. Moreover, he built a distinct imaginative world around the project with work by the accomplished visual artist Cyclo.

When the pandemic’s effect started kicking at the doors, bringing the music industry to a shock, Morgin was faced with the question: “if this is it, what do I want to say before I go?” Over time and introspection, the body of work took shape, and his voice began to formulate.

When the pandemic hit, it became clear to me that not only were my aspirations volatile, but so was the music industry at large.” Following, he spoke on the album’s title; “One of the definitions of a phantasm is the illusory likeness of something… and that is what the last year has been for many of us. We’ve lived through something strange and unparalleled

Morgin Madison – press release

Living The Phantasm

Morgin Madison made sure to draw a clear narrative both stylistically and emotionally on Living The Phantasm. First off, the introduction leads us into the album on a short yet somewhat tender note, followed up seamlessly by ‘I Hate Portals‘. It’s a grandiose entry that brings the producer’s soundscapes down to the center, followed by the lead single, ‘Far From Home‘. Featuring vocals by Gregg Sgar, it acts like a song that redeems trying times, giving them a tenderly buoyant perspective. Following, Madison pushes the electro sounds onward, providing a formation for club-ready music. Nonetheless, simmering things down a bit right after to give some moments of comfort on the tracklist. Furthermore, each track serves in its own way, as a love letter to the stylistic influences that the artist pulls from.

Notably, between the pulsating and heavy moments to the cozy and warm ones, there’s a track for each occasion. Regardless, they function together as a powerfully cohesive unit, having him leave a mark on this year which surely will not diminish over time considering how fundamentally personal and passionate the work is.

Listen to Morgin Madison find his voice amidst the volatility through his debut album, Living The Phantasm, which is out via mau5trap below. It’s a must-listen, and already a strong contender for one of the best albums of the year so far.