Parra for Cuva – Her Entrance (Innellea’s Interstellar Remix)


You’ve heard of remixes but Innellea is bringing us an interstellar remix of Parra for Cuva’s track ‘Her Entrance‘. This is a galactic rendition of the original that adapts a mysterious mood with dynamic hi-hats and a driving bass line. With organic, mystical sounds, this is an interpretation like no other.

The original is more chill, ambient, and light in tone. A downtempo track first played in a beautiful Mexican Canyon with crystal clear melodies. Pure and organic, its worldly groove hooks you in. Now, it gets a darker, acidic thumping groove, and Innellea’s signature techno sonics and raw beats. He also creates a dreamworld of hypnotics that mesmerize you while you listen. A tribal horn sounds off in the background while the light melody progresses on. You feel like you’re floating through space and time while listening to this because you just don’t know where you are while you do. He entices you to listen on and watch for the power it imbues over you.

“My interpretation of ‘Her Entrance’ was shaped by the desire for extensive and intense club nights. Therefore I decided to adapt the mysterious mood of the original track and to add dynamic hi-hats and driving basslines to create a dancefloor-oriented interpretation.”

Innellea to The Groove Cartel

Lastly, he couldn’t have picked a better artist or track to enhance. Parra for Cuva features sounds from all over the world and records in his Berlin studio. He crushes it with emotional dance floor experimentals of acoustic and worldly soundscapes. His latest album Juno showcases this. Now, take a trendsetter like this and pair it with the neologism of Innellea and you get vision. Unbound by restraint or conventions, his roots of techno create unique and abstract sounds for us to hear within electronic music. Listen below.

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