Spotify Introduces Ticketed Livestreaming Virtual Concerts


With live events coming back, Spotify is cashing in on that and charging for live streaming virtual concerts now. As the world begins to reopen, artists will start touring again but they need to recover from their losses. Twitch and SoundCloud have pioneered the way to make artists’ digital days easier, but Spotify is also entering that race. It starts May 27th, available on artists’ pages from 6 AM to 8 PM.

Imagine wanting to see an artist but can’t make the show because of travel restrictions or an impromptu show you can’t make. Now, artists will have the ability to choose where they want to hold a concert. Through pre-recorded live shows, it’s easier to have a concert without the trials and tribulations of ticketing, etc. The Black Keys, Rag’n’Bone Man, Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff, Leon Bridges, and girl in red will be among the first to try this.

“We have always been a band that loves to play live in venues of all shapes and sizes. The past year has been tough for musicians and fans alike. [So] we wanted to find a way to share this live performance of songs from our new project, Delta Kream, from a place we love, the Blue Front Cafe, the oldest active juke joint in America. We’re excited to be a part of this new initiative with Spotify that will give fans a great way to connect with their favorite artists.”

The Black Keys
Here’s The Logistics

Each live stream show runs for 40-75 minutes and costs $15 per show. Spotify is running this as an intimate look at artists and can sell unlimited tickets to these streams. That beats selling out or reaching capacity in venues. We know how drunkenly trying to fight your way through a crowd is. Now, is the cover fee going to the artists? That remains undisclosed and since Spotify and Youtube pay the least per stream, their motives seem questionable. The music streaming service simply said that all artists will receive a guaranteed fee for their livestream participation.

So, would you try it?