Tchami ft. Gunna – Praise (Malaa Remix)


Tchami’s hip hop happenin’ single ‘Praise‘ amassed over 12 million Spotify streams, and Malaa gives it a whirl with his remix. Out now on Confession, Malaa reworks the original into another dancefloor-ready track. Keep this remix on your records because it’s going on the Yero Zero remix album coming out on June 25th.

It starts off slow and crescendos into the familiar tune. There’s an air of mystery to the beginning as it builds up to the drop. When it climaxes, that’s when it hits you. Malaa packs a punch with rollicking, infectious grooves that ramp up the original tune with his signature deep basslines. Speeding up the tempo, steady kick drums layer throughout the house beats for an exceptional rendition. It’s hard-hitting and really gets your blood pumping. You know how he brings it during his live sets, and he throws it down in this remix as well. Tchami and Malaa make excellent partners for back-to-back sets but they also work well together in making music.

“When I asked Malaa which track he wanted to remix, he picked ‘Praise’ featuring Gunna almost instantly. I absolutely love the vibe of this one and hope everyone will appreciate his hard work on it.”


Anything the French producer puts out is dance energy gold while mysterious masked man Malaa continues to crush his music releases as well. We’ve loved seeing him perform with Tchami as NO REDEMPTION as well as with DJ Snake and Mercer as Pardon My French. There doesn’t seem to be a better crew than this. We’re excited to see what the remix album has in store for us along with who else is joining the rework party.

Listen to the first track of that forthcoming album below.

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