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Adam Beyer And DJ Rush Collab on ‘Restore My Soul’ EP

The Drumcode boss Adam Beyer and legendary producer DJ Rush present their collaborative work, Restore My Soul. The Four track-EP marks the debut collaboration between these two Techno titans.

Seeing a collaboration between two great artists who have inspired thousands of people around the world is always a great to see. it’s even better when it is a complete EP with several minutes of strident kicks and melodies as only techno can give us.

Restore My Soul EP is a letter of respect and admiration between both producers. DJ Rush has stated that Adam Beyer inspired many of his older works.

It gives me such pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Adam Beyer. His earlier music influenced my style back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Even today I can drop an old Drumcode track, and it has a big impact on the dancefloor. Adam and I have the same passion for music, so this guided us together, and we turned out a fierce EP

Dj Rush

Adam Beyer & Dj Rush- Restore My Soul EP

‘Restore My Soul’ EP

As mentioned in the title song of this incredible EP: “This music is powerful, it restores my soul, it brings me to a dimension, I don’t walk alone”. Throughout the work, there is a dark theme that is evident throughout. On a musical level, it creates dramatic tension through springy synths that rock alongside DJ Rush’s voice, reaching dizzying levels.

Control‘ is a dense mix of industrial rhythms, with Rush’s famous voice as the dominant element. For its part, ‘Take Me There‘ goes from crushing percussion loops to deep funk-techno, before reaching a provoked crescendo as Rush’s hypnotic chorus echoes through the air. DJ Rush’s remix of ‘Restore My Soul‘ completes this set.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with him on this EP. This is a powerful EP with four distinctly different flavors that I think all Drumcode fans are going to love. I just hope we have the chance to play them out live as soon as humanly possible.

Adam Beyer

You can check out Adam Beyer & DJ Rush- Restore My Soul EP below!

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