Alesso Drops Impressive PROGRESSO Vol. 2


 The second edition of PROGRESSO finally arrived! It took Alesso quite some time, but it was definitely time well spent at the studio. PROGRESSO Vol. 2 is out now and the fans will be very, very happy with the result

Maybe two tracks are not enough for the fans, but the quality of these tracks makes Alesso and his PROGRESSO Vol. 2 an innovative and interesting mixtape with fresh new sounds. The tunes that you can find in this mixtape are ‘TOGETHER‘ and ‘AGAIN‘. Both are quite aggressive, euphoric floor-fillers. Besides, these tracks bring us powerful clubbing energy that reminds us of wonderful moments at the nightclubs.

Moreover, the Swedish superstar has recently teamed up with the folks over at Insomniac to bring two special nights of music to downtown Los Angeles. The shows are called: Alesso: Together Again and will take place over the course of July 23-24, 2021. Definitely, it will be a magnificent opportunity to spin these new tracks and see how the crowd reacts to them.

Alesso Releases PROGRESSO Vol. 2

‘AGAIN’ delivers a kind of techno track with a vibrant bassline and amazing elements that make us remember some rave classics, simmering in pure dancefloor energy. The track also contains a powerful drop and exciting synths that will definitely make the fans enjoy it a lot. Detailed yet delirious, these tracks showcase Alesso at his best.

‘TOGETHER’ is more of a club track with some strong progressive house elements. Alesso keeps experimenting with different genres and to be fair, he is able to stand out in the majority of them.

Alesso and his new PROGRESSO VOL 2 are a joy for the fans of progressive house and EDM in general. Make sure to check this new production of the veteran Swedish producer in the videos above or in this Spotify link.