Arcadia’s Spider Stage Is Featured In UK School Textbooks


Arcadia’s Spectacular Stage made an appearance in UK school textbooks – more precisely, in one that explains facts about science. It is always wonderful to observe how technology and buildings of the EDM environment are starting to catch everybody’s eyes.

Incubated at Glastonbury Festival and also used at Ultra Music Festival, Arcadia draws on talent from across the arts, theatre, and circus disciplines. Supporting cultural celebrations and iconic music festivals around the globe. With unique strengths in creative and technical direction, storytelling, safety, and PR, Arcadia’s friendly and versatile team provide a unique experience and an unprecedented level of positive press engagement. Bringing together people of all ages, and hosting the world’s biggest DJs to its oldest indigenous communities, Arcadia continues to push the boundaries of performance into the next decade.

Arcadia Stage

The Arcadia Company shared the picture of their stage with pride. In addition, they showed massive respect to all of the students who’ve had a tough year and hoped you all have a blinding summer. Besides, Arcadia spent this year focusing its energy on a new spectacular off-grid camp. The place was designed for groups of friends, families, and couples to reconnect as people emerged out of lockdown. Besides, the creative company offered incredible views, roaring camp fires, and total seclusion in the depths of nature. It’s a company that always delivers what the client needs, and hopefully will be back with impressive productions very soon.

Arcadia Stage