Armin van Buuren Delivers New Track With SKOLES, ‘Goodbye’


Just in time for the summer season, Armin van Buuren premieres his new track Goodbye. Armin is on a roll, he just released Johnson’s Play with trance prodigy Sander van Doorn earlier this month. He first premiered Goodbye on his FunRadio┬áLivestream Experience set earlier this month. Lucky for us, Goodbye is available to stream on all major streaming platforms. The song is a classic example of Armin’s skill in the vast world of trance.

Armin didn’t do it alone though. Goodbye also features SKOLES. It’s a perfect fit for one of Armin van Buuren’s chart-breaking tracks. SKOLES used to be Wild Wild Horses before transitioning to the new name.

At the beginning of his new track, Armin gives you a groove-setting beat that could be set on replay. The tasty arps that come in not only tell you it’s Armin behind the decks, but also that something big is coming. A mix of SKOLES’ dark vocals and Armin’s progressive style gives us a never-ending state of trance in the chorus. You could dance all night to this one.

Stream Goodbye below.