AWAKEND & TRØVES Deliver Melodic Euphoria On ‘Floating Through The Sky’


AWAKEND teams up with TRØVES to bring us a powerful melodic track titled ‘Floating Through The Sky’. It’s out now courtesy of Enhanced Music, and it comes as no surprise that the label signed it. Within, you’ll distinctly hear an ardent fusion of melodic bass and trance alongside future-bass inspired synths.

“This song is about facing our fears & doubts. It’s about traversing the divide between where we are and where we want to be. To me, that is the fundamental path in life.”


Firstly, it kicks off with a wailing synth in tandem with TRØVES’ vocals and a warm cozy pad giving off comfort. Simultaneously, bright piano notes further assist in the feeling that the track evokes. From there, the build-up takes us into a powerful climax packed full of melodic bliss intertwined with moving energy.

Down to the title ‘Floating Through The Sky’, the song takes to heart the meaning and intention behind itself. The artists clearly defined the concept they’re going for, giving off the aura and emotion of freedom, euphoria, and moving through trenches to reach a designated point.

Listen to the new collaborative track by AWAKEND and TRØVES, ‘Floating Through The Sky’, via Enhanced Music below.